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Corporate VO

Ever sit through a company training bored out of your mind? Me too! Oftentimes, corporate material can be very boring or just overly technical.


One way to fix this problem is to create an engaging and energetic voiceover for your project. Over the years I have created dozens of VO's for corporate trainings and presentations.


Give your employees the best chance to learn by offering them something dynamic and interesting to listen to while they view your slides. Check out the audio files for examples of trainings I have created for my corporate customers. 



Clapping Audience
Giving a Presentation
Successful Work Team

Energetic Delivery

Professional Narration

Exceeding Expectations

Software Training
Software Training
Female Lecturer
Sugar IQ Application

This is a sample of a training presentation targeted towards end users of the Diabetes application "SugarIQ". The actual presentation was approximately 30 minutes long and featured extremely technical information.

Sugar IQ - Mike Eberhardt
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Management Development
Touchscreen Computer
The Growth Mindset

This is a sample of an internal Management Development Training program that is used by one of my corporate clients. This VO was used as part of an automated PowerPoint presentation in order to train mangers both on-site and remotely. 

Growth Mindset - Mike Eberhardt
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Sales Training
HP Carepacks

This is a sample of a portion of a training used to teach Sales Teams how to "attach products" to an initial sale. This VO showcases my presentation style with content that includes a lot of numbers and technical data.

Attach Selling - Mike Eberhardt
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Awards Ceremony
Award Winners

This is from an awards presentation that was sent to the National Sales team of one of my corporate customers. It showcase my ability to deliver an energetic delivery while reading something as simple as a persons name. This was used to announce the winners of Medtronic's Sales Team.

Audience Clapping
FY17 Awards Winners - Mike Eberhardt
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