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"Fairy Tales are important not only because they tell us Dragons exist but because they tell us that Dragons can be beaten."

Super Fun Studios is a voiceover studio founded in 2018 and is located in suburban Los Angeles. I specialize in Audiobook Narration, Commercial Voiceovers and Corporate Projects. You can find my voice on the television, radio, internet, Audible, Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble and anywhere audiobooks are sold.

We are HEAR for the FUN!



Storytelling is my passion and I have a very dramatic and active narration style. All of your characters come to life with different voices while the action is described with an engaging and energetic vocal presentation.

Whether you're an Author looking for a Narrator or a Listener who wants to be transported to another world: You are in the RIGHT place!

Old Fashioned Film Camera


I've voiced everything from a talking trash can to a wicked robot who wants to control the world. My voice has been featured on Television, Radio, Internet Videos and CD Recordings.


If you need a VO with energy, sincerity and a professional touch,

I have what you've been looking for! 


This is where professionalism and energy meet up to create something special. Capture  your employees or customer's attention like never before with a dramatic and engaging voiceover.

I specialize in complicated VO's and can make even the most technical material interesting.

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