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Commercial voiceover is always fun! Whether you need me to sync up with an existing animation, create a radio spot from scratch or simply add a professional touch to your commercial narration, I can do it all! Click below for some completed projects and let me know what you think!

BoxedTurtle Toys

This spot shows off my ability to handle serious material in a non-dramatic fashion. Plus the animation studio created all of the animation based around my actual voiceover. So all I needed to do was hit my time marker. 


This was a challenging and fun project all rolled into one. It is a dramatic and campy reading for a unique product. The challenge was that the animation was already done and I was replacing an existing voiceover with my own. So I needed to time it JUST right to hit the words at the correct points in the animation.

The Original Plumbing Company

Here is an example of an animated video which was completed before I did the VO but this time I wasn't replacing anyone. So I was able to take some liberties while still maintaining the correct pace to be sure the words sync up with the animated story. I needed to hit several time markers throughout the spot.

Cal Spas "Cal Flame" BBQ Grills

Ever wanted to learn anything and everything about a BBQ grill? Here's your chance! This is a prime example of narrating technical and complicated information. This spot is chock-full of technical and mechanical specifications.

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